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Lewis Vorderer
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Hello, my name is Lewis Vorderer and I’ve been with the Haigh Group and eXp Realty since the start of my real estate career.  I have a background as a licensed EMT, computer and smartphone repair technician, and IT support specialist.  My interest for real-estate flourished a few years ago when I found my passion for sales and helping people.  Prior to working in real estate, I had begun to work in sales which brought me great success and a love for helping others. I advanced to the top of my district, and week after week I was one of the top salesmen in my company.  While I am very passionate about real-estate, I also have other areas of interest such as being an active member in my church and outdoor activities. Being an active church member has always been apart of my lifestyle. From a young age I would volunteer in different areas of the church such as child care and the church’s camp. Today, I remain an active member of my local church by attending a weekly adult bible study group.  Additionally, I mentor and lead high-school men in a weekly youth group. The ability to share my love for God drives my passion.  A few more passions that have followed me from my younger years are hiking and kayaking. I have always been an outdoorsman by heart.  I started hiking at a young age which led me to conquer some of the largest and most famous mountains such as Mount Washington, in New Hampshire, and Half Dome, in Yosemite National Park.  I later found that I enjoyed being in the water just as much as I enjoyed climbing which led me to my love of kayaking and white water rafting. Staying active is extremely important to me in order to have balance in my life.  Since I moved to Florida from Massachusetts, I have re-discovered my love for golf as both a way to experience nature and as a challenging way to compete with myself and develop a skill.  I can really appreciate the beauty of Florida, the year round sunshine and beautiful beaches are a welcome change from the cold and many feet of snow that I used to experience back in New England.  If you are considering selling your home in the Treasure coast, I would love to show you why we, at the Haigh Group, are the best choice to help you from start to finish with this exiting experience.  Whether you are moving from out of state, looking for a vacation home, or just looking for a change, I would love to be the one to help you find the perfect home.