9 Reasons To Move To Stuart, Florida

Are you thinking about moving to Stuart, Florida, and want to know what life is like here? In this episode of Hey Haigh Today, I’m going to give you the nine best things about living in Stuart. We’ll look at everything from the low cost of living to golf and water sports so you can see what the Treasure Coast is all about.

#1: Serene Living

The number one reason that people love living in Stuart, Florida is that you are going to hear very, very few horns honking. It's a very quiet, serene, courteous town, and nobody's going to be cutting you off in traffic.

#2: Downtown

Reason number two to live in Stuart, Florida, is our local downtown area. Stuart has is a small-town feel and was rated one of the top 10 seaside towns to live in the United States by Oprah Magazine. We have a beautiful downtown area that you won’t want to miss.

#3: Low Cost Of Living

The third reason people love living in Stuart, Florida is that you're going to have a low cost of living. You’re not going to get nickeled and dimed for parking, and dining at local restaurants is affordable. This is going to put more money in your pocket, allowing you to go enjoy more of the things Stuart has to offer.

#4: Fun Activities

Reason number four is that you have all that money in your pocket from reason number three. You're going to be able to do more of the things that Stuart, Florida offers. For me, Lyric Theater is a great example. It’s one of the oldest running theaters in Florida and, for that matter, the United States. Lyric Theater is a very intimate setting. You can go and see live shows, music, artistic dances, and more.

You're also going to have more money in your pocket for the great food that we have in Stuart. We’ve got great local restaurants, golf, tennis, and maybe a membership to a private country club that I can help you out with.

#5: Nearby Attractions

Now that you have all that money saved in your pocket from number three and you've seen all the local cool things from reason number four, number five is its proximity to all the other cool things that Florida has to offer as a state. This includes seeing Mickey at the Disney theme park, Universal, and all the cool stuff in Orlando.

You’re also close to Miami and can quickly be on South Beach drinking a margarita. Don’t forget to go to Fort Lauderdale, where there’s all kinds of stuff to do. From Fort Lauderdale, West Palm is only half an hour away. There you can visit Clematis Street, the Kravis Arts Center, and much more. These attractions are all within an hour and a half drive of Stuart.

#6: Fresh Food

The sixth reason you should move to Stuart, Florida is the great, fresh food. We have the ocean right there, bringing in fresh seafood like fish, crustaceans, and crab. If you love the ocean and you love seafood, we’ve got.

In addition to seafood, we also have great beef. Florida is actually the second-largest producer of beef in the United States, which a lot of people don’t know. We're also the second-largest producer of agriculture, giving us great vegetables. So whether you’re a vegetarian, beefatarian, or a pescatarian, we’ve got you covered. If you're a person that loves food, Stuart, Florida's a place you can come to get your foodie on.

#7: The People

Reason number seven that you're going to love living in Stuart, Florida is the people. The people here are courteous and they're thoughtful. They don't cut you off, and they don't beep that horn. They're going to let you go through in the checkout line. It's a very thoughtful place.

It's also a slower-paced, family-oriented area. There's not a lot of that Spring Break-ish thing. Ultimately, one of the things that's very near and dear to my heart is that the people here are small-town, very courteous, and thoughtful.

#8: The Weather

Reason number eight that you want to live in Stuart, Florida is the weather. Florida has multiple climates in it; we are actually in the tropics. However, Stuart is a little farther north in that tropical element. We don't have as much of the concrete jungle that West Palm and Miami have.

You get breezes that come through when it is humid. Remember, it's not San Diego; however, it is a great climate. Most of the year it can get a little bit hot, but ultimately overall the weather here is absolutely spectacular.

#9: Golf And Water Sports

Reason number nine is kind of a personal reason why I think it's great to live in Stuart, Florida. Part of the reason that I moved to Florida was for golf and water. A lot of people come to Florida for golf and water, and for me personally, Stuart is a great spot for that.

There are a lot of public golf courses with very high caliber golfing. Additionally, the ocean is right here for paddleboarding, diving, snorkeling, fishing, and more.  Stuart fit all of those boxes for me, and it’s part of the reason that I chose to live in Stuart, Florida.

Make Stuart Your Home

I hope you enjoyed learning about nine of the reasons to live in Stuart, Florida. Obviously, there are an absolute plethora of additional reasons to live in Stuart, so please reach out to me and I’d be happy to share them with you.

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