How Our Market Has Improved in a Year

Today we’re bringing you another market update comparing December 2018 to December 2019 in our tri-county area. We receive a lot of wonderful responses from our market updates, so of course, we’ll provide another one! We hope these present the market information you need.

St. Lucie County:

35.5% increase in units closed

8.7% increase for paid-in-cash units

5.8% increase in average sale price

43% increase in dollar volume

15.1% increase in pending sales

18.5% increase for new listings

16.7% decrease in months’ supply of inventory

Martin County:

18.3% increase for units closed

15% increase for paid-in-cash units

0.8% decrease in average sale price

17.4% increase in dollar volume

7% decrease in pending sales

20.1% increase in new listings

4.3% decrease in months’ supply of inventory

Palm Beach County:

15.5% increase in units closed

14.3% increase for paid-in-cash units

2.4% increase in average sale price

18.4% increase in dollar volume

14.3% increase in pending sales

5.9% decrease in new listings

17.6% decrease in months’ supply of inventory

Phew, I try to get through all those quickly! A quick shout-out to Vyral; they do a great job for me. They help to make these blog messages look good for you, our viewers.

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