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Are you thinking about moving to Port St. Lucie but aren’t sure where to settle? In this episode of Haigh Haigh Today, I'm going to share the top three neighborhoods you should consider in Port St. Lucie, Florida. We’ll explore each community’s amenities and housing options so you can pick the one that fits you best.


The first neighborhood that you’ll want to consider if you're thinking about moving to Port St. Lucie is Tradition. While we’re using the word “neighborhood,” the master-planned community of Tradition is more like a little city or town.

For master-planned communities, you’ll first have huge tracts of land with nothing built on them. Builders and pre-developers go in and plan where everything will go, from the downtown area to big box stores and neighborhoods. This gives the community a great flow, especially when It comes to shopping and dining.


If you want to go shopping at PetSmart and TJ Maxx and then head to Longhorn or Panera for dining, these are all located right on the outskirts of this little town. In Tradition, you can also walk downtown—which is a very rare thing in Florida.

Because Tradition is a master-planned community, it was fully built until 2008. The downtown is relatively new, giving it a Smallville look and feel. You’ll find plenty of amenities that include a barber shop, Publix (which is one of the largest grocery store chains in Florida), a travel agency, coffee shops, and more. All of the things you’d find in a traditional downtown area, you’ll also find here.


Tradition is located right off of 95. This means you can easily hop out of there to reach airports, beaches, and everything else. You have great access to the 95 from the front and the east side of Tradition, making it an ideal place to live.

PGA Village

The second neighborhood you should check out is PGA Village. It has that same master plan feel and includes three world-class golf courses—all run by the prestigious PGA of America. The three golf course names are the Ryder, the Dye, and the Wanamaker.


These world-class golf courses are public, so anybody can get in and play—although they do have sometimes restricted tee times. PGA Village has an amazing clubhouse that overlooks the 18th green of the Wanamaker course, a great place to finish your round or the end of your day.

If you live in PGA Village or a little further south in Tradition, you can easily take a golf cart to PGA Village to enjoy the clubhouse and see the golfing facilities. They even have a great practice area that you can use to improve your game.

Location And Housing Options

Like Tradition, another great thing about PGA Village is it's access to 95. This gives you easy access to airports and everything else close by.

PGA Village features condos, townhomes, and single-family homes. Some of the single-family homes have large estate lots, providing residents with plenty of options for property type, lot size, and square footage. This makes PGA Village a great community to consider when living in Port St. Lucie.

Harbour Isles

The third neighborhood in Port St. Lucie I recommend is Harbour Isles. It’s located in the northeast section of St. Lucie County on the north part of South Hutchinson Island. Harbour Isles only offers two-bed, two-bath condos; you won’t find single-family homes or townhomes.  

Housing Options

The reason that I like Harbour Isles is that it’s close to the beach. We get a lot of calls from people who want to live in Florida, and part of the reason they do is that we have beautiful beaches. Many people want to be within walking distance of the beach—but also want a newer, single-family home that’s affordable.

Finding a newer, single-family home by the beach will likely cost around $750,000—which is often beyond peoples’ budgets. This is when a condominium in Harbour Isles becomes extra attractive. These condos were built in 2006-2007, making them relatively new. They’re also within walking distance to the beach and Downtown Fort Pierce, allowing you to hop on your bike and be there in a second.


In addition to being close to the beach, Harbour Isles features a deep water marina. If you have a sailboat or a boat, deep water is a big deal. You can either buy or rent slips at the marina.

Additionally, people like that Harbour Isles has a gated entry with a guard. While Port St. Lucie doesn’t have a massive amount of crime, some people like to feel the security of having a gate separate their community from people outside.

Housing Prices

Now that you know about these Port St. Lucie communities, you might be curious about how much it costs to live in each of these neighborhoods. Let’s look at each area, starting with Tradition.


The average price point for a three-bedroom, single-family home in Tradition is $ 534,000. The low price point for an average three-bedroom is $374,000, depending on the community that you're in and the condition of the home.

If you're looking for a two-bedroom, the average price point in Tradition is going to be $514,000. On the low end, a two-bedroom in Tradition is going to be around $364,000.

PGA Village

A three-bedroom, single-family home in PGA Village is going to cost you an average of $649,000. On the low side, expect to pay $470,000. Prices are higher in PGA Village because it has a little bit more prestige than Tradition. Additionally, Tradition also has condos, which pull down that average price.

A two-bedroom in PGA Village will cost you $539,000 on average. The lowest price you’ll find is $437,000.

Harbour Isles

Our last neighborhood is Harbour Isles. If you're considering buying a property in Harbour Isles, remember they're two-bedroom, two-bath condominiums. While they're quite spacious, there are no three bedrooms in there.

The average price point for a condominium within walking distance to the beach is $539,000. On the low side, expect to pay $434,000.

Make Port St. Lucie Your Home

I hope this video gave you some great insight into the top three neighborhoods you’ll want to consider if you're considering moving to Port St. Lucie. Tradition and PGA Village are all the way down in the southwest portion of Port St. Lucie, while Harbour Isles is up on the northeast side. Port St. Lucie is a larger County, but if you want to be closer to the beach at an accessible price point, Harbour Isles is probably your best bet.

There are tons of other neighborhoods that you’ll want to consider when moving to Port St. Lucie. Be sure to reach out to us and give us your wants, likes, and needs. We know the areas so well that we're going to be able to find the perfect community for you.

Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more information on Port St. Lucie, Florida. Feel free to leave a comment to tell us about other places you’d like us to cover and we’d be happy to accommodate you.  Stay tuned to the next episode of Haigh Haigh Today to see what we feature next!


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